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📢 Share Your Life Vault with Your Better Half! 💑

Updated: Jun 27

At Inherit, we recognize that some couples like to share everything, even social media accounts! That's why we've introduced the Shared Life Vault option, allowing you and your partner to jointly manage and store all your important documents.

Setting Up a Shared Life Vault:

1.      Invite Your Partner:

  • Go to the Life Vault homepage.

  • Click on "Sharing & Contacts".

  • Click "Invite Contact".

  • Enter your spouse's details and select Contact Type: Spouse.

  • Choose Access Type: Shared Life Vault.

2.      Confirmation:

  • Your spouse will receive an email.

  • Once spouse confirm email address, the system will automatically link your shared Life Vault.

3.      Manage Together:

  • Once set up, both you and your spouse can add multiple items such as driver’s licenses, wills, and more into the joint account as separate boxes. Use the "+" item in the relevant Life Vault category box.

For a detailed step-by-step guide, check out our video tutorial!

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