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BGL API - Setup

How to setup BGL API at Inherit Australia

This document details the steps required to set up BGL API at Inherit Australia. This workflow setup is only required to be done once per practice or when BGL Credentials have expired.

Before you begin

Please ensure you have access to the following:

1. Access to BGL 360 (

2. Access to Inherit Australia Pro account (Adviser version) with Admin or Primary account holder credentials (access to Settings / API menu items)

If you don’t have an Inherit Australia account, Sign up here:  Signup page


This workflow requires you to undertake three steps:

1. Connect to Inherit Australia.

2. Test connection.

Connect to BGL Api to Inherit Australia


Login to Inherit Australia at:

If you don't have an account, register with your ASIC Rep number or select option 2 for manual activation.

1. Click setting (Cogwheel) and API

2. Click API at the top bar

3. Select BGL

4. Click "Create"


5. Click "Connect to BGL"


6.  This action will open a new tab with a BGL login or access page. Login to your account if required.

Click "AUTHORISE" to enable the Inherit Australia link.


7.  Once allowed, BGL will redirect to Inherit Australia confirmation page.

8. Click "Close tab" to get back to Inherit Australia


9.  Click "Done" at the original tab to refresh API Status.

10. Continue to Test the connection

Connect to XERO to Inherit Australia
Test BGL API Connection 


Once you establish an API connection with BGL, It is advisable to test the connection by a client search.

1. From the API page, click "Test Search."


2. Enter an individual client name and click "Search". A valid test result will return the client's first and last names.


Your connection is now validated.

What next? Continue to create an Estate plan with BGL

Test XERO API Connection 
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