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About Inherit Australia

Solving Estate Planning

At Inherit Australia, our mission is clear: Solving estate planning. We are dedicated to simplifying the complex world of estate planning for individuals, lawyers, and advisers alike. Our innovative solutions, cutting-edge technology, and a network of expert panel lawyers are all geared towards making the estate planning process accessible, efficient, and worry-free. With Inherit Australia, you have a trusted partner committed to helping you secure your legacy and navigate the intricacies of estate planning with confidence

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Our team

At the heart of Inherit Australia, you'll find our dedicated team, based in the vibrant Mornington Peninsula. We're a passionate and diverse group of professionals spanning the realms of law, technology, administration, marketing, and sales, with decades of collective experience in estate planning and SaaS technology. Our team's expertise, honed over 50 years, ensures that our innovative estate planning solutions meet your needs seamlessly. Together, we're driven by a shared commitment to making estate planning accessible, efficient, and effective for you, with our bot technology standing as a testament to our collective knowledge and dedication

Our Founders.


Chris Hill

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Co-Founder – Legal


Rafael Cohen

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Co-Founder – Tech

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Our history

Inherit Australia is the brainchild of Chris Hill, a distinguished figure in the estate planning field for over three decades. Beginning in 2015, our platform received crucial support from FACTS Online, a trusted technology partner. However, it was in 2021 that a momentous collaboration took place when Rafael Cohen, co-founder of FACTS Online, and Chris Hill combined their expertise to give birth to, trading as Inherit Australia. Our shared mission was clear: to create a comprehensive, lawyer-agnostic solution for estate planning facilitation and maintenance, primarily focussed to better enable  financial planning and accounting practices to offer estate planning services to their clients.

The formal introduction of Inherit Australia to the legal advisory community took place in 2022, marking a significant milestone. Since then, our platform has gained widespread acceptance throughout Australia, with advisers and lawyers in all major states embracing its capabilities by the close of 2022. Our dedicated team, based in Mornington, remains at the forefront of platform development, driven by valuable feedback loops from advisers, lawyers, and individuals. This collaborative approach ensures that Inherit continues to excel as the premier estate planning platform in Australia

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