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Estate planning productivity platform for Lawyers

Inherit Australia is an estate planning productivity platform for lawyers, paralegal staff, clients and referral partners. We achieve up to 75% productivity gains through automation, outsourcing, and delegating estate planning tasks.

75% productivity gains on your estate planning process


Data collection 50% of billable time

Gathering documents, information, and instructions from clients

Inherit Australia's solution

Narrative legal bots, referral partners and API integrations


Legal advice 25% of billable  time

Reviewing client circumstances and providing legal advice

Inherit Australia's solution

Provide lawyer with tools and reports for an efficient provision of legal advice

Drafting documents 25% of billable  time

Drafting and reviewing estate planning documents. Draft approval by clients and advisers.

Inherit Australia's solution

Document automation based on client data and legal advice provided


Narrative based legal bots

Our proprietary narrative-based estate planning bot is at the heart of the Inherit information gathering process. Along with workflows and API integration, this system automates up to 50% of lawyers' billable time.

35 years of legal knowledge and experience gathered into a proprietary narrative-based legal bot.

Law firms invite clients online or use paralegal staff to interview clients.

Identifies past relationships, relationship conflicts, and beneficiary vulnerabilities with special needs.

Assists advisers and their staff in navigating and asking relevant and necessary questions.

Controls the client's conversation and does not provide legal advice.

Non-estate assets held in trusts, companies and SMSFs are identified and allocated to financial entities.

Deals with client family background, assets, and testamentary wishes while identifying gaps and issues in clients' affairs.

Caters to clients with simple affairs and more complex clients with assets held in multiple entities or offshore.

System keeps evolving as lawyers and referral partners provide feedback and narratives to cater for their clients.

Referral partners

Inherit for Advisers formalises existing referral sources and creates new revenue sources via our lawyers' panel. Financial advisers may actively participate as facilitators or refer clients for facilitation by a legal firm.

These referral sources hold documents and information about client affairs that are important to review. Our API integrations support the transfer of documents and information, saving up to 30 minutes per client.

Our integration partners

Xero XPM

Automated quoting

Our platform estimates the project scope for lawyers based on the complexity of client affairs. It helps the lawyer provide an accurate fee disclosure for clients, which sets the framework for the legal advice phase.

Image by Dmitrij Paskevic

Estate planning legal advice

Inherit's platform contains several tools and reports to assist lawyers with the provision of legal advice, including the estate planning issues report, an estate planning brief and access to all related documents in a central location held in a virtual "deeds register".

Estate planning process management

Inherit Australia's structured process provides lawyers with a tried and tested framework for facilitating estate planning.

Track and control client progress.

Case notes and emails in a central location.

Delegate tasks within your practice.

Facilitate billing and payment.

Automated emails and messages to clients, referral partners and staff.

Central and secure deed register for all client documents.

Follow up workflow for paralegal staff.

Version control for generated documents with full notes record.


Inherit provides transparent pricing. Fees are either set at $200 or 10% of the quoted amount per estate plan.



1 Estate plan per month.

$200 + GST or 10% thereafter

$125 per month*



4 Estate plans per month.

$200 + GST or 10% thereafter

$650 per month*



14 Estate plans per month.

$200 + GST or 10% thereafter

$1,500 per month*

* All prices in AUD and EX GST

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