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Smarter SMSF API

How to link your Smarter SMSF to Inherit Australia

Smarter SMSF is one of Australia's leading SMSF advisory groups. Single Sign On (SSO) is available across Smarter SMSF and Inherit. This link allows Smarter members to generate Estate planning documents provided by Inherit

Before you begin

Please ensure you have access to the following:

1. Access Smarter SMSF  (

Login to Inherit Australia from Smarter SMSF


Login to Inherit Australia at:

1. Client "Create new" or "Create new Beta"

2. Click any of the documents marked with the "Inherit Australia" logo


3.  Inherit will authenticate your Smarter user. First-time users are required to create an account or link to an existing Inherit account.

Crete's new Inherit Australia account

For new users, select one of the on-screen options:

1. News users, for members that have never had an account with Inherit

2. Inherit account holders via an email address different from Smarter SMSF

3. Account holders that are part of a firm with an Inherit Australia account but do not have an account.


When a new account is selected (option 1): Verify the details received from Smarter SMSF:


If your details are correct, click "Sign up to Inherit Australia" and wait while we create your account

Once your account has been created. Read the terms and conditions, Agree and click "Done"


Continue to start an EPA document

Connect to XERO to Inherit Australia
Start an EPA document at Inherit Australia


Once you establish an API connection with Smarter SMSF, estate planning documents can be generated at Inherit Australia.

1. Click "Start Power of Attorney" to start

Note: Some API users are redirected to "the power of attorney workflow as part of the login process and can skip this step.


2. Search or add a client to the Inherit platform. For first time users, Add client will open automatically.


2. Select document jurisdiction and type 


Once an EPA workflow has stated, continue the bot as per the application prompts

Test XERO API Connection 
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