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Solving Estate planning

Your estate planning journey starts here. Secure and protect your legacy with our comprehensive estate planning services tailored for you.

Start with Life Vault or an estate planning health check. Progress to a Power of Attorney or a Holistic estate plan with a local lawyer.

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Financial Advisers and Lawyers: Refer to our business service tailored to financial advisers and lawyers.

Life Vault

Securely store, manage and control all your estate planning documents, personal records, contact details, passwords, and any documentation in one place. Read more

Life Vault is a solution for a seamless transfer of information to executors and attorneys


Life Vault Benefits

Secure Storage

Hold all your important information in one place

Secured at the highest level with unique security keys issues for each client.


Free Access

Sign up for our Life Vault service at no cost

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Easy Sharing

Share with executors, beneficiaries, or trusted advisers

Working at a Cafe

All your accounts

Estate planning, Identification, Professional team, Pets, Financial, Properties, Vehicles, Utilities, Devices, accounts and Social media and more

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Estate Planning Health Check

Planning for the future can be overwhelming, but it doesn't have to be. Read more

Quick and Free

Get clarity on your estate plan health in minutes

Review the report

Review a your estate planing issues report identifying any gaps in your plan

Take action

Suggested action items to resolve any issues identified

Power of Attorney

An enduring power of attorney is a legal document that allows you to appoint someone, known as your attorney, to make decisions on your behalf.

State-Specific Services: We provide attorney documents for the state of Australia

Witnessing: witnessing options based on your state

Customisable: Authorize specific powers or functions

Medical: Medical EPA and guardianship are available on a state-by-state basis

Holistic Estate Planning Service

tart a holistic estate planning process with our advisers or directly with our estate planning lawyers. 

Flexible Process

Complete data collection yourself or appoint a lawyer to provide legal advice and draft documents

Expert Guidance

Use our advisers' network to drive the process on your behalf

Holistic Planning

Ensure all aspects of your estate are managed with professional support

Value pricing

Complete the questions a lawyer will ask you via our Legal assistant without incurring the cost of their time

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