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Appointment of Enduring Guardian

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About an Appointment of Enduring Guardian

An Enduring Guardian, made in New South Wales, is a person appointed to make important decisions on your behalf(referred to as the 'principal'') when you are unable to make such decisions due to legal disability or incapacity.The Enduring Guardian document typically authorises your appointed Guardian to make decisions about your personal and lifestyle matters when you cannot make those decisions.This includes decisions relating to healthcare, accommodation and other personal issues.It is important to note that the Enduring Guardian does not have the power to make financial or properly related decisions that are created separately by an Enduring Power of Attorney document.

General notes

  • Power of  Attorney document can only be made by a person 18 years and older who has the “capacity” to know what they are doing and the consequences of their decisions. If you are unsure, please seek legal advice before completing the information required.

Products and Features

  • Appointment of Enduring Guardian
  • Lasting power of attorney online
  • Fully secure and compliant
  • Specific powers selection
  • Spouse document option
  • Bespoke setup to fit your requirements 
  • Enduring Power Of Attorney combo option
  • Lasting Power of Attorney


Appointment of Enduring Guardian

from $70

Power of Attorney

from $130

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Made in Mornington /  Victoria

Inherit Australia, located on the picturesque Mornington Peninsula, just an hour's drive south of Melbourne. Our local team, boasting over 50 years of combined experience in legal and technology, is committed to addressing the complex challenges of estate planning. From Power of Attorney documents to comprehensive estate plans, we cater to a diverse clientele, including retail customers, financial advisors, and legal professionals. Our proprietary software and data, proudly 100% Australian-owned, designed, and hosted, underscore our commitment to delivering secure and tailored estate planning solutions.

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