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What Happens to Your Apple Account When You Pass Away?

Ever wondered what happens to your Apple account when you’re no longer around? 📱


When someone passes away, their Apple account doesn't automatically get closed. Instead, Apple provides options for family members and legal representatives to access the deceased's digital legacy. Here’s what you need to know:


1. Legacy Contact: If the deceased designated a Legacy Contact, that person can request access to the account and data.


2. Court Order: Without a Legacy Contact, a court order may be required to access the deceased's Apple ID and data.


3. Data Access: Approved individuals can gain access to important data like photos, emails, and notes, but some services may remain inaccessible.


💡 Solution: In Life Vault, you can store a Legacy Contact for your Apple account. This means your executors and attorney will have all the required details to retrieve your credentials when the time comes.


🔧 How to Set Up a Legacy Contact in Apple:

1. Open the Settings app on your iPhone or iPad.

2. Tap on your name at the top to go to your Apple ID settings.

3. Select Password & Security.

4. Tap on Legacy Contact.

5. Follow the prompts to add a Legacy Contact.

6. Select a member of your family groups or “other” and select from your contacts.


For more details and device based setup, see this link:


🔧 How to Set Up a Apple account details in Life Vault:

2. Scroll down to Online Accounts (or click the Quicklink)

3. Click “Apple”

4. Complete the Apple account details, including the Legacy contact details and key.


Planning ahead can help your loved ones manage your digital legacy with ease. Consider setting up a Legacy Contact in your Apple ID settings today and storing it in Life Vault.


Stay informed, stay prepared. 🌟


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