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🏠 Secure Your Home Details with Life Vault 🗝️

Updated: Jun 27

Planning ahead is crucial, and Life Vault makes it easier than ever. Our Life Vault bot will prompt you to collect all the necessary details about your home, so you don't have to overthink it. Record everything from your home loan provider to where you keep the spare keys.

Ensure your loved ones can easily manage utilities like electricity and water by documenting the necessary contact information and account details.

With Life Vault, you can:

  • Store information about your home loan provider.

  • Note down the location of spare keys.

  • Record contact details for your electricity and water providers.

  • Provide instructions for managing utilities on your behalf.

Make sure your executors or trusted contacts have everything they need to manage your home seamlessly when the time comes.


How Life Vault can help you organize and protect your important home information.

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