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Estate planning facilitation platform for Advisers

Inherit Australia provides a risk free, revenue generating Estate Planning facilitation platform for advisers and accountants.  Backed by our legal bots and nation wide lawyers panel our framework caters for your entire client base.


Solving Estate Planing for Advisers

Estate planning naturally aligns with your core business of caring for clients and building their wealth. However, without a structured process, you might end up with patchy systems or low-touch lawyer referrals, leading to legal advice risks. This leaves 50% of clients without a valid estate plan.

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Inherit Australia provides an optimised estate planning solution for both you and your clients. Powered by proprietary technology and backed by a panel of verified lawyers, our platform enables you to cater to your client's needs without taking legal advice risks.

Estate planning facilitation creates a new revenue stream for your practice. Inherit provides the flexibility to choose your level of engagement, from hands-on involvement to express referrals. The revenue structure fits your practice with options such as percentage based share, fix fees or inclusion of the service within the annual fee charged to clients.

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Eliminate legal advice risk

Legal advice risk is a concern for practices providing estate planning services. Advisers do not have the skillset or qualifications of a lawyer and their insurance does not cover estate planning.

Inherit Australia addresses this concern on two fronts. Firstly, our legal bots guide you through estate planning conversations with your clients while avoiding questions that prompt legal advice. Secondly, we provide access to our extensive panel of lawyers, who can support you and your clients throughout the process. With Inherit, you can confidently offer estate planning services without providing legal advice.

35 years of legal knowledge and experience gathered into a proprietary narrative-based legal bot.

Invite clients online or use support staff to interview clients.

Identifies past relationships, relationship conflicts, and beneficiary vulnerabilities with special needs.

Assists advisers and their staff in navigating and asking relevant and necessary questions.

Controls the conversation and does not provide legal advice.

Non-estate assets held in trusts, companies and SMSFs are identified and allocated to financial entities.

Deals with client family background, assets, and testamentary wishes while identifying gaps and issues in clients' affairs.

Caters to clients with simple affairs and more complex clients with assets held in multiple entities or offshore.

System keeps evolving as lawyers and referral partners provide feedback and narratives to cater for their clients.

API Integration

Data gathering is a crucial feature of estate planning. Data entry is prone to human error, and data transfer from clients to advisers and lawyers is cumbersome and costly. Inherit Australia Estate Planning Bots are programmed to collect and organise essential client information efficiently. It minimises time and effort spent on data entry and ensures that all necessary details and documents are captured accurately. By automating data collection, our bots significantly reduce the risk of inaccuracies or omissions in estate planning documents.

Our integration partners

Xero XPM
Work Space

Streamline your Estate Planning

Estate planning is a client-facing business process that demands efficient workflow management and tracking. Inherit Australia enables you to delegate tasks within your practice to lawyers and clients. Built-in followup emails and SMS facilitate a fully automated workflow. Internally, advisers delegate tasks usually carried out by themselves to support staff.
The Inherit workflow enhances efficiency in estate planning, increasing the overall practice value.

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Compliance and Security

We understand the importance of data security and compliance in legal work. Our platform is designed with stringent security measures to ensure that client data is protected and that the process aligns with legal regulations. In 2023, Inherit Australia was certified by Xero to hold sensitive client data as mandated by ASIC and the ATO. The platform is undergoing an annual security evaluation and ongoing monitoring built into the systems.

All access to Inherit Australia is with Multiple Factor Authentication (MFA), and all our servers and data are stored in Australia.


Inherit Australia's structured process provides lawyers with a tried and tested framework for facilitating estate planning.

Adviser Facilitator

Adviser-driven estate planning with the assistance of an Inherit lawyer.


Adviser Express

Adviser referred estate planning to an Inherit lawyer.

Working at a Cafe


Inherit provides transparent pricing. Fees are either set at $200 per estate plan or 



Referrals are free

Adviser Facilitator

$200 per estate plan

$0 per month*



4 Adviser Facilitator estate plans per month.

$650 per month*



14 Adviser Facilitator estate plans per month.

$1,500 per month*

* All prices in AUD and EX GST

Book a demo

Book our local team to discuss how we can optimise your estate planning process. Call 03 5976 6565 or book a time below.

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