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Sign up from XERO Practice Manager to Inherit Australia 

Sign-up from Xero XPM provided a seamless integration for new Inherit Australia users from Xero XPM

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Before you begin

Please ensure you have access to the following:

1. Access to XERO Practice Manager (

Sign up to Inherit Australia

1. Navigate to Inherit Australia Sign-up page:

2. Select option 2 (Accountants - Registered with XERO Practice Manager)

3. Click "Sign Up with Xero XPM"

signup with xero 1.png
signup with xero 2.png

4.  This action will open a new tab with XEROlogin or access page. Login to your account if required.

Click "Allow access" to enable Inherit Australia link

signup with xero 3.png

5.  If your practice is new to Inherit Australia, select option 1 and the system will create a new account for your practice with your XPM email address as the primary account holder

Notes: For existing Inherit account holders: Login to Inherit and update your email address to match Xero if you wish to activate Single Sign On. New team members of existing Inherit practices: contact your primary Inherit Australia account holder and request to be added as a team user

signup with xero 4.png

6.  Verify your details and enter your phone number 


7.  Click "Sign up to Inherit Australia" and you will be redirected to Inherit Application.

8. Complete time login workflows (Address, and demo estate plan).

What next? continue to create an Estate plan with XERO Practice Manager

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