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XPLAN API - Create Estate Plan

Create an Estate Plan with XERO API

This document details the steps required to create an estate with XERO API at Inherit Australia.

This workflow requires XERO API Setup.

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Before you begin

Please ensure you have the following:

1. Setup XERO API at Inherit Australia

2. You have access to Inherit Australia account

Create an Estate Plan with XERO API Data


1. Login to Inherit Australia

2. From the Dashboard. Select "Start Estate plan."


3. Search clients at XERO by Client name or XERO Practice Manager ID

4. Select client

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5. Verify client details

6. Dual estate plan selection

In case of a dual estate plan, select client and spouse. For single clients, ignore this step.

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7. Estate plan name, Use the default name or alter it if using an internal naming convention.

8 Confirm payment depending on your license/package.

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9. Data import, wait for Inherit Australia to import all clients and entity elements

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9. Inherit Australia will redirect you to the newly created estate plan

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