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📱 What Happens to Your Twitter Account When You Die? 🐦

Updated: Jun 27

Planning for your digital legacy includes considering what will happen to your Twitter account after you pass away. With Life Vault, you can ensure your wishes are documented and respected. Here's what you need to know about Twitter accounts after death:

1. Account Deactivation

  • Request by a Loved One: A verified family member or estate executor can request to deactivate the account.

  • Required Documentation: The requester must provide information such as the death certificate, the requester’s ID, and other relevant details to verify their relationship and the death of the account holder.

2. Memorialization

  • No Memorialization Option: Twitter does not offer an option to memorialize accounts. Accounts are either active or deactivated.

3. Account Management Instructions

  • Pre-plan with Life Vault: Record your wishes regarding your Twitter account in Life Vault.

  • Executor Access: Ensure your executors or trusted contacts have access to this information so they can carry out your wishes effectively.

4. Reporting Process

  • Report an Account: Twitter provides a form for reporting a deceased user’s account, which includes options for requesting deactivation or handling other concerns related to the account.

With Life Vault, you can securely store instructions on what should happen to all your social media accounts and digital assets, ensuring your digital legacy is managed according to your preferences.

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