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📦🔒 What Happens to Your Amazon Account When You Die?

Have you ever considered what happens to your Amazon account when you pass away? Managing your digital legacy is crucial, and Life Vault can help ensure that your Amazon account and other digital assets are handled according to your wishes. Here's what you need to know:

Amazon's Policies

Amazon does not have a specific policy for managing accounts after a user’s death, but here are some steps your loved ones can take:

1.      Contact Amazon Customer Service:

Your executor or next of kin can contact Amazon’s customer service to inform them of your passing.

They will likely need to provide a copy of the death certificate and proof of their relationship to you.

2.      Close the Account:

Your executor can request to close the account to prevent any unauthorised use by providing the necessary documentation.

3.      Handle Subscriptions and Orders:

Ensure that any active subscriptions (e.g., Amazon Prime) and pending orders are managed or cancelled to prevent additional charges and shipments.

4.      Gift Cards and Credits:

Transfer any remaining gift card balances or credits on the account to a beneficiary.

How Life Vault Can Help

Life Vault makes it easy to store and manage all the important information related to your Amazon account, ensuring that your executors and trusted contacts have the necessary details to manage your account after your death.

Easy as 1,2,3:

1.      Open Life Vault account here:

2.      Click “Online account” at quick links:

3.      Click the Amazon logo and complete the intake bot.


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