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Inherit conversations lunchtime webinar, Tuesday 9th of July at 12:30 pm (EST).

Our next Inherit conversations lunchtime webinar to be held tomorrow, Tuesday 9th of July at 12:30 pm (EST).

At this session, we will review the release of Inherit Version 3 with the unique collateral of services you can provide to your clients.

Recognising that time is your most valuable asset, we've developed a solution that requires minimal to no time commitment from you while providing comprehensive estate planning services to your clients.

At the lunchtime webinar we will discuss and demonstrate the following:

Core client benefits

• Life Vault: Securely organise important documents and information for executors and attorneys.

• Estate Plan Health Check: Assess estate planning readiness with a comprehensive report.

• Enduring Power of Attorney: Self-service facility designed on a state-by-state basis, including a unique SMSF Enduring Power of Attorney with a fund guardian nomination ( adviser or accountant).

• Holistic Estate Plan: Inherit core Estate Planning AI Legal bot, backed by our approved lawyers.

Benefits to You

• Provide estate planning services to your clients with zero-time commitment.

• Position yourself at the forefront of the Great Wealth Transfer.

• Gain visibility into your clients' participation in the service.

• Retain the ability to charge, provide help and support as needed.

• Take advantage of API integration with Xplan, Xero, and Midwinter to save time for your clients.

• Interact seamlessly with clients through Life Vault.

• Optional branding with Inherit Australia.

The presentation is intended to be short and interactive while you sit and eat your lunch (or breakfast for those in the west), allowing you to ask questions and gain valuable knowledge.

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