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Complete a Power of Attorney in minutes.

Insurance Agent

Power of Attorney 

Complete a Power of Attorney in Minutes: Inherit Australia simplifies the often complex process of creating a Power of Attorney. Our user-friendly platform guides you step by step, enabling you to complete this crucial legal document in minutes. This efficiency provides peace of mind and ensures that your wishes are legally documented with minimal hassle. Unlike other online providers, you can customise your wishes to create tailored power of attorney documents to suit your circumstances.

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Identify Estate Planning Gaps

Identify and Address Estate Planning Gaps: Estate planning can be daunting, and many people are unsure if they have covered all their bases. With Inherit Australia, you gain access to tools that help you identify potential gaps in your estate plan. We provide insights and suggestions, ensuring that your plan is comprehensive and aligned with your goals and wishes. These gaps help our panel lawyers to focus on key issues within your circumstances, saving time and cost.

Group of lawyers discussing on a lawsuit
Group of lawyers discussing on a lawsuit

Access Verified Panel Lawyers

Access Verified Panel Lawyers with Predefined Quotes: Your estate planning needs may require legal expertise. Inherit Australia connects you with a network of verified panel lawyers who specialise in estate planning. What sets us apart is our predefined quoting system, which offers transparent pricing. This means you can easily identify the legal cost to document your estate plan tailored to your needs without unexpected costs or surprises. Knowing the cost upfront means you can choose the best lawyer that suits your needs.

Reading a Digital Book

Electronic signing

Electronic signing of your estate planning documents: Where permitted throughout the states of Australia, Inherit Australia enables estate planning documents such as Wills and powers of attorney to be signed electronically and by audio-visual link. This can make the process cost and time-efficient for people with a busy lifestyle or about to embark on a holiday.

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Store Your Estate Planning

Securely Store Your Estate Planning Documents in Our Trusted Environment: Safeguarding your estate planning documents is critical. Inherit Australia provides a secure and trusted electronic environment for you to store these vital records. Our advanced security measures ensure the confidentiality and integrity of your documents, giving you peace of mind knowing they are easily accessible when needed.




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